Executive Protection Services Virginia, Washington DC, & Maryland


When you need Executive protection services in Virginia, Washington DC, or Maryland, you can count on our security specialists to keep you safe.

An Executive Protection Specialist means any individual who engages in the duties of providing close protection from bodily harm to any person.

Whether you are high net worth or a witness to a crime, the possibility of escalation is increasing in part from how connected the world is today. 

Close Protection Agents work alone and sometimes work as part of teams, and they always stay close to their clients to observe the surroundings and prevent dangerous situations. Our professionals in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland have extensive training and certification to keep you safe.

Depending on the level of safety you need, we can provide unarmed or armed Executive Protection Agents, drivers, and specialists to keep you safe. We specialize in providing Executive Protection services Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.

At Blue Raven, Inc., we understand that all security protection needs are different. Whether you are considering hiring a close protection agent for a single-day event or for an ongoing long-term assignment, contact us to inquire about our skilled and personalized service for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Washington DC,and Maryland.

Our Close Protection Services best serve:

  • High Risk Clientele

  • Domestic Violence Victim's

  • Workplace Threats

  • Corporate CEO’s

  • Politicians and their Family


All Blue Raven close protection agents must possess a number of special skills including: communication skills, defensive skills, observational skills, assessment skills, and good judgment. In addition to protection, our Agents are trained and educated in a variety of subjects including advance work, nation studies, emergency medical procedures, and matters of social etiquette and diversity. This training enables our staff to blend into a client's environment and remain as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible.

A Blue Raven leader will meet with you (and your family if a residential assignment) to discuss your unique protective needs. Using our expertise in security and protection, we'll provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific circumstances.

We can also provide security surveys and risk assessments of your situation. This will include a detailed threat analysis, consultation and of course our comprehensive solutions. Our executive protection service is always professional, and always private and discreet.



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Executive Protection Services Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland

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