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When you need full-service protection services in Virginia, Washington DC, or Maryland, our security guard dog unit adds a complete solution to mitigate risk and is the highest quality K9 option available. Protect yourself, your family, or your business from threatening or unlawful activities and substances.

The benefits of K-9 security are proven, and each K-9 unit program is crafted for your needs. We provide a plan that is based on our expertise in personal and corporate security, using security guard dogs in addition to other comprehensive security measures. We will guide you to when and where our highly trained K-9’s will be incorporated, based on specific risks, threats, and vulnerabilities.

Each of our Contractor Working dogs (CWD) training and certifications meet or exceed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) National Odor Recognition Test (N.O.R.T), International Police Working Dog Association (IPWDA), and North American Police Working Dog Association.

Our Canines, consist of  German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinschers, Labrador Retrievers, and Boxers. Trained in skills such as Explosive Detection, Narcotics Detection, Patrol, Search and Apprehension. All canine teams are required to continually pass recertification, and receive on-going training.

Depending on your unique risks, you can expect our K-9 unit to be paired with Security Guards, Close Protection Specialists, or Home Security Experts.


Our K-9 Security Services best serve:

  • Executives, Dignitaries, Politicians

  • Individuals in High Conflict Situations

  • Large Scale Events & Venues

  • Businesses

  • Celebrities

  • Large Estates

Why Choose Blue Raven K-9 Security Unit?

All Blue Raven canines and handlers must possess a number of special skills including communication skills, defensive skills, observational skills, assessment skills, and good judgment. In addition to protection, our agents and guards are trained and educated in a variety of subjects including advance work, nation studies, emergency medical procedures, and matters of social etiquette and diversity. This training enables our staff to blend into a client's environment and remain as unobtrusive and inconspicuous as possible.

A Blue Raven leader will meet with you (and your family if a residential assignment) to discuss your unique protective needs. Using our expertise in security and protection, we'll provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific circumstances.

We can also provide security surveys and risk assessments of your situation. This will include a detailed threat analysis, consultation and of course our comprehensive solutions. Our executive protection service is always professional, and always private and discreet.



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