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For your convenience, this page is for your insight into Private Security in Washington D.C.. Have questions, call our D.C. office at (202) 559-4422


Q: What is Protective Intelligence?

A: A process used to identify and assess by Information gathering through Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Investigations, Red Team, Surveys and Analysis to identify Vulnerabilities


Q: Are Security Businesses regulated in Washington D.C.?

A: Yes, Security Business requirements can be found on the  D.C. Police Department website HERE


Q: How can I verify if a company is legitimate?

A: Washington D.C.  Private Security Business verification search can be found HERE


Q: As a client how do I know a person is Registered?

A: Ask for their Registration card (White PVC card), It is your right as the client to see it and they must display it on request. Do not accept anyone without one, Individual Registration verification search can be found HERE


Q: In Washington D.C., what are the requirements for security individuals?

A: All Washington D.C. Registration requirements and categories can be found on the Washington D.C. Police Website HERE


Q: I want a marked patrol vehicle for Deterrence, do you provide that service?

A: We offer many effective services that involve vehicle use and transportation, however studies have dispelled the concept of marked vehicles for preventative patrol/deterrence. Your best option is Uniformed foot patrol and Enforcement, below are links to the studies.

Preventive Patrol Experiment

Preventive Patrol Experiment PDF

Foot Patrol Experiment

Foot Patrol Experiment PDF


Q: I’m nervous about committing to a security contract, can I “try out” the company first?

A: Washington D.C. statutes allow a contract “Expressed or Implied”, It is highly recommended a formal contract be utilized and signed by both parties. “Expressed or Implied” is only applicable to parties residing in Washington D.C., In other words only a formal written contract has legal standing if dealing with a party from outside the District of Columbia.


Q: How much insurance are Security companies required to have?

A: Washington D.C. requires a minimum General Liability coverage of $100,000 and $300,000 Aggregate. Blue Raven Inc carries $1 million in General Liability insurance and $2 million Aggregate.


Q: Are Security Officers required to wear a uniform?

A: “If” a uniform is worn it must contain the company name and the Officer must wear a name plate/tag with at least his or her last name on it.


Q: What laws and regulations are there for Private Security?

A: Statutes for Private Security in Washington D.C. can be found HERE

For Fire Watch services in Washington D.C. please click HERE



WARNING!: Given the alarming rate of illegal security operations in and around Virginia, DC, and Maryland we highly recommend verifying all businesses and individuals status prior to agreeing to their services. No Security Officer or Law Enforcement Officer may perform Private Security Services without proper Security Business License and individual Registration issued by the governing regulatory agency (VA DCJS, MD State Police, DC SOMB).

At Blue Raven, we understand that all security and investigative needs are different. Whether you are considering hiring a private investigator for personal or business needs, contact us to inquire about our skilled and personalized service for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland.


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